Hi, Gems! 


I want to share with you all my backstory and how I got involved with reiki healing and healing gemstones. To start off, I was diagnosed with selective mutism (feeling mute in certain social situations) in kindergarten and struggled with depression in high school because it was hard for me to make friends since I felt like I couldn't talk to the people in my town, due to starting off on a bad foot as a child.


However, when I started college I was able to break out of my shell because it was a new environment but I still had my anxious and sad moments. 


When I found out about healing gemstones I was drawn to them because I craved anything that had the power to heal me. Although at first, I did not receive their full benefits because I did not know how to properly use them (by cleaning and activating them and setting intentions). Who knew that the people who touched them previously in the store rubbed off all their bad vibes onto them? Not me!


Until one day I went to a gemstone store that also provided Reiki. The Reiki Practitioner did Reiki on me to cleanse my aura. REIKI is Universal Life Force energy and Reiki healers are able to transfer this energy with their hands through the power of intention. She told me she picked up on the bad vibes from my place of work and she explained how my coworkers really bothered me and got under my skin. I did not tell her ANYTHING about my job she just knew. I was shocked because she was so right. When I was at work I always felt on edge because my coworkers loved to JOKE around. 

The problem was that I got PERSONALLY OFFENDED by EVERYTHING and was so SENSITIVE. 


I ended up buying an AQUAMARINE gemstone from that store. Aquamarine is a very calming and soothing stone and protects against negative energies. Before I purchased it she infused it with REIKI energy, meaning she activated the gemstones healing properties. The next day I brought the gemstone to work. Nothing changed about the situation or the people but MY FEELINGS CHANGED. I found myself able to remain calm and not be so sensitive to what my coworkers were saying to me. I was able to see the situation for how it really was and not overthink it. THIS WAS MY FIRST REAL EXPERIENCE WITH GEMSTONES and I thought WOW THESE GEMSTONES REALLY WORK!




I got a reiki healing and found out my heart chakra was blocked! I was confused because I thought that my throat chakra was blocked since I always struggled with communicating with others. Then I learned that when one chakra is blocked it affects all the others. My blocked heart chakra was messing with my throat chakra. Prior to unblocking my heart chakra with reiki, I felt like I was not good enough and that what I had to say would also not be good enough and that I would sound stupid or people just would not care about what I had to say. However, after my reiki session when my heart chakra became open again, I found myself being able to express my thoughts more because I no longer felt like I would be judged for what I had to say. I was judging myself too hard and thinking that I was not good enough that I thought others would do the same. 


I felt so much better after my reiki session that I then wanted to become a reiki healer so that I could help others like I was helped. This is why a month later I got a REIKI ATTUNEMENT. I now am able to maintain my positive energy by doing reiki on myself daily! I wanted to then take this a step further by doing Reiki on my gemstones to activate them and I really see a difference when I wear them! 


I USED TO BE SUPER EFFECTED BY THE VIBES IN THE ROOM. For example, if someone was sad around me I would feel sad. BUT NOW when I wear my amethyst bracelets I am able to block out the negative energies of others and protect my energy. I AM NO LONGER INFLUENCED BY THE ENERGY IN THE ROOM!


I started creating and selling my own reiki infused gemstone bracelets and chokers because I love to create and I also want others to receive the same awesome benefits I receive. I believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable and happy and healing gemstones can really help make that happen as long as you find the right gemstone for you!